Sunday, 14 June 2009

Intro, one-two...

So hi.

I came up with this idea a few months ago, but have only recently decided to bring it to fruition.
The idea: A girl with a passion for fashion so strong that she's willing to dedicate most of her day and a whole blog to it. I'm no stranger to the blogosphere, having written a whole load of teenage-angsty livejournal entries in the past, but I decided that at the grand old age of 21 I should give the self-indulgence a rest and get started on something people may actually want to read.
Hence Le Freak, C'est Chic. A series of blogs forthcoming, if you will, about every aspect of fashions present and past that interest and inspire me. Here, you can expect to find blogs and articles from across the fashion spectrum. I aim to bring to you, dear reader, some or all of the following:
  • Features and Articles about a huge range of designers, whether mainstream, indie, up-and-coming, amateur or otherwise.
  • Personal style updates, documenting my precarious tip-toeing through the world of style.
  • Fashion shoots featuring the cream of the crop from my local indepedent retailers.
  • Lady-on-the-street interviews, real fashion from and for real people.
  • Articles about fads and fashions from the past, present, and even the future! (If I can get access to a ruddy time machine, that is)
  • Interviews with various low-key fashionista rockstars to get their take on what is hotter than hells mouth right now.

So here we go. Lets get this started. Are you with me?

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