Sunday, 21 June 2009

Kardiff Kool Kats

Monday night was the album launch of hot-tips Viva Machine at Globe bar, so I shuffled along and decided it would be a killer opportunity to have a look at what Cardiffs kool kidzzz are wearing. High street reigned supreme, which is hardly surprising in a small city with a student population of about a zillion and a disappointing lack of independent retailers (srsly, you can pretty much count them all on one hand). Topshop, H&M and Primark were favourites, but not content with wearing high street straight off the hanger, clothes were cut, pinned, sewn, ripped, and sprinkled with avant garde accessories from the likes of PopSugar, Rocket Dog and Tatty Devine. Colourful shifts, jeans and prints teamed with classic cut polo shirts and statement hair suggests that in terms of style, Cardiffs key words are fun, fun and more FUN!

© Copyright Betti Hunter 2009

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