Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Lace Trilby
Black dentelle lace trilby. Narrow brim. Black grosgrain ribbon runs around the crown with a bow at one side. Are you turned on yet?
I would have passionate relations with this pretty little trilby from Maison Michel.
My wardrobe in general.

I have so many clothes that I don't wear and yet I keep buying more. Wasting money on more clothes when theres people (inappropriately) running around the streets naked just makes me one badass sinner.

Designer Labels
Why spend over £500 for a dress when you can get exactly the same design without the label for a fraction of the price? It's all about the bargains, baby. It's simple maths, the less you spend on one items, the more you can buy. Goody!

Pyjama Time!
Hell, if you're going to lounge, lounge in style. I'm far from the perfect example of this as my PJs either consist of my scatty underwear or a pair of leggings and a 118 vest. I've never pretended to be anything but style icon... ahem...
One person who does lounge in style though, is Dita Von Teese. "Sweat pants chafe me both physically and mentally", she said, so she hangs around the house in vintage slips and silk vintage dressing gowns. Probably with a full face of make up and flawless hair. Bitch.

THESE ARE NOT NICE SHOES! I would rather eat my own toe than wear these monstrosities on my feet. They make me so mad, I'd like to feed these shoes to a real Crocodile, enduce vomiting, get the remainder of these ugly objects, urinate on them and then send them back to the factory.

I'd be here forever getting photos for all of it, so I'll just list them instead: Scarlett Johannson in the Louis Vuitton adverts in the pretty floral underwear, The outfit that Florence & The Machine was wearing on Friday at Reading Festival, Brigette Bardot back the the day, Twiggy's outfits back in the 60s, the beaded gowns in 'Titanic', The costumes in series 6 of SATC when Carrie is in Paris....I can keep going....

Knowing that I can make £35 by selling my old clothes and jewellery to friends.
It's not taking advantage, I swear! It'll go towards buying me new clothes so that I can get rid of some more of my old clothes. It's the circle of life, my friends.
by SpaceCadet Zoe

Thursday, 27 August 2009


I'm quite literally piddling myself with excitement after checking out the new range of peachy 70's and 80's dresses on my favourite vintage shopping site, Candy Says. I've been having a bit of a whimsical, Cecilia Lisbon moment and as such these pastelly beauts have had me manically checking my bank balance only to find that no, I can't afford even one of these dresses, let alone the four of them. Overindulgence of sequinned goods (*coughTHEALMIGHTYBLAZERcough*) is mostly to blame there...but I digress. My favourite has to be the cape-sleeved 70's party dress that makes me think of a fashion-forward Princess Leia, which would look outstanding with a pair of calf-length gladiators and a dishevelled, Diana Vickers-esque ponytail. As soon as I get my next paycheck that £40 is running straight out of my bank account and into the pocket of Miss Candy.

I'm also lusting over these insanely brilliant Henry Holland tights after reading a Style Bubble post about them. Not only do they come ready packed in a coffee cup (stroke of genius in my opinion), but they are also available in a variety of colours from classic black and white - my personal pick - to lilac and powder blue. I want.

Style Crushes du jour

Melissa Marie - Millionaires

One-third of the uber-cool Californian electro band Millionaires, Melissa Marie is often left in bandmate Dani Artauds shadow for reasons unknown (possibly because of the 'fame' Artaud found as her scene queen alias DaniGORE). With her massively backcombed hair and extreme cats-eye flicks, Melissa looks like a young, less bolshy Amy Winehouse pre-crack addiction and dresses like a contestant on a Japanese gameshow. It shouldn't work but it does. Ever so well.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Win and Fail 2

Win - Neon slogan tee's. A bit Klaxons, a bit Henry Holland, more than a bit cool (despite having been around since their 2006 resurgence).

Fail - Neon Shoes. "You're tacky and I hate you".

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly.

What do a magician and a super hero have in common?

It's certainly not their love of lycra underwear.

If you haven't guessed from the title, there may be something wrong with you. It's all about the cape for me right now. This is pure and utter lust.

See how awesome they look? It's all about the vintage faux fur, the tweed and the thick wool. Its a Texture and Comfort party!!

If I can manage to get some dollar in the next 6 days and 18 hours, that first Faux Fur Cream Stole Cape is coming home with me, courtesy of Ebay.

I'll wear it with my electric blue leather buttoned gloves when the winter season truly arrives, teamed with a big fat smile on my face for added pizzaz.

Spacecadet Zoe

Friday, 21 August 2009

The Bare Necessities

I've been doing a little thinking recently (a dangerous past-time, I know.)

One of the things I was thinking about is Style in general. What makes someones style unique? How is my personal style definable?

So he we go, I've raided my own wardrobe and found the best things to sum me up.
Essential Number One:
A pretty floral dress.
I used to be self confessed tom-boy after spending all my years up to the age of 11 wearing nothing but the pretty girly dresses my mother forced upon me. But y'know what, Mum, You're a genius, because after rebelling in my jeans, Ive realised that nothing will make me feel girlier or prettier than a floral dress.
Suitable for all shapes, sizes and seasons, this really is an instant classic wardrobe item to posess.
This one was purchased in May from New Look for £25 and amongst the other floral dresses in my wardrobe, I've pretty much lived in them the last few months.

Essential Number Two:
Fudging Awesome Footwear.
I'm a typical girl in this area, I own alot of heels that kill my feet but look amazing. I think this may be how the term "Killer Heels" was coined. I do tend to stay in flats the majority of the time, but when I do wear heels, I want them to be freaking immense.
The black heeled brogues stopped my from eating properly for a day because I spent the last of my money on them. They're also from New Look and a steal at £20.
The red pair feel like having vices on my feet, but theyre so damn stunning it brings another kind of tear to my eyes. I think I paid about £10 for these from a cheapy Cardiff shoe shop.
I used to work in SCHUH. I had discount to make me salvate. On my last ever shift, I used my last ever discount to buy the Black and White Irregular Choice shoes you see before you. I havent regretted it for one second. I love these shoes more than I love tea, and thats saying something.

Essential Number Three:
A classic pair of straight leg jeans.
For me they give the same effect as skinny jeans, but if you've got a larger posterior than would be suitable for the purposefully named "Skinny" jeans, then the straight leg is the more flattering cut for you.
I wear these half to death. Peruse Topshop for the best ones, just like I did. When it comes to jeans, the fit is really important, don't be afraid to go one size higher just to avoid that overhang (or is it just me that gets it?)
The better things fit, the skinnier you look anyway. Clothing sizes are just labels, no-one cares what size you buy as long as it looks good.
Essential Number Four:
The long length Cardigan.
I've got one in almost every colour. Oh look at me, I'm revolutionary with my style of jeans and a long cardi. How original.
But seriously, my casual wardrobe would be useless without them. The jeans and cardi rule also applies to guys.
The grey one you see before you was about £10 from H&M last year.

Essential Number Five:
The High Waisted Skirt.
Flattering? Yes.
Easy to wear? Yes
Smart & Casual? Hell Yes.,
You can't go wrong. I've got a nice collection going on. From A-Line, to Pencil, to Mini. Choose the cut that flatters you, or just go nuts and buy them all on a whim like I did. Hobo's do some nice patterned ones.
So the chances are, if you see me on the street, I'll be wearing at least one of these items. Or I may just be running around naked, as is the style at a nudist colony.
Spacecadet Zoe

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Barbie Girl

Makeup tutorial #2 - doll-faced.

The aim is to look like a cross between Twiggy and a porcelain doll. Read on to find out how to achieve this look in four easy steps...

Step 1: Base. Use a very small amount of concealer under your eyes, around your nose and on any blemishes. Then, mix a light foundation such as Maybelline Dream Mousse with a tiny amount of your usual moisturiser and apply a thin layer all over your face. The addition of moisturiser allows for a smooth, sheer finish, just like plastic!
Then use some translucent pressed powder all over your face to set the foundation.

Step 2: Cheeks! Sweep a light pink blusher (I always go for Rimmel as they have the prettiest shades) over your cheekbones, then pay particular attention to the apples of your cheeks. Big pink circles aren't what you're going for here, but a healthy flush is, so don't be too sparing. Next step - get hold of some highlighter. I find the pen applicators work best- Eyeko do a fantastic one fr just £3.99. Dot it along the top line of your cheekbones, then blend in until you get the desired highlighted effect. Again, you don't need to be too subtle here, as a nice shimmer only enhances the doll-like appearance.

Step 3: Eyes! Firstly, add a dab of highlighter onto your eyelids and blend well. Then use a small amount of translucent pink eyeshadow - Barry M do a great loose powder shadow in baby pink - and dust it lightly over your eyelids.
Grab a sharpened black kohl pencil, and heavily line the top and bottom inner lash lines. Clear up any slips, the eyeliner needs to look crisp and well applied. Next, apply a 2mm line of kohl onto your top lash line, leaving a 1/2cm space before the corner of your eye, and making a tiny flick at the end. Use a cotton bud to soften but NOT smudge the liner, then reapply another layer is neccessary.
Next, use a lengthening mascara on your top and bottom lashes (I find Collection 2000's lengthening mascara does the trick here), then use a mascara that builds up length and volume, such as Rimmels Glam'Eyes. Instead of just sweeping the brush upwards, try to move it horizontally across your eyelashes to get a slightly clumpier effect. Wait for the mascara to fully dry, then apply a coat or two more, depending on how dramatic you want your eyes to look. I usually go for the more is more approach, as when done correctly, the dollface makeup can make your eyes look stunning.
Finally, use a white kohl pencil on the inner corners of your eyes to highlight and brighten.

Step 4: Lips! Brush your lips with an old toothbrush to get rid of any dead skin and to increase the bloodflow, making lips redder. Then use a dab of nude or dusky pink lipstick as a stain, and rub in to the colour is subtle yet still noticeable. Then, use a long-lasting lipgloss - Rimmel Shock Gloss is my personal favourite - to make your lips look like PVC

...and now you look like plastic! Go forth and enjoy.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Style Update: All That Glitters...


These have been my buzz-words for the past week or so. I've taken the gamine look I've been obssessed with one step further to borderline androgyny.
As soon as I caught a glimpse of the Diane Von Furstenburg sequined blazer, I knew I had to get one. As the original was slightly out of my price range, I scoured the high street to no avail. Until saturday, when I found this beauty in Dorothy Perkins, of all places, and a snip at £70.

People, I am actually in love with this jacket. No hyperbole. If possible, I would make love to it.
After I purchased The Almighty Blazer (as it shall now be known), I realised it would be a purrrfect opportunity to debut my new acid wash jeggings - the ones that make me feel a bit like a glam-rock Jason Donovan.
For the Múm gig at the Reardon Smith Lecture Hall earlier this evening, I paired TAB with aforementioned jeggings, a simple striped vest top and bad-ass gogo boots, as welll as my trademark bow and best ever Camden find, as seen below...

In celebration of TAB, I also found a matching black sequined bikini for a mere £8, perfect for my upcoming trip to Ibiza. God bless end-of-season sales. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go on the ultimate bikini body diet pre-hols, as otherwise there's a real danger of Greenpeace being called to a beached whale disaster as soon as I hit the sand. I blame too many Takeaway Mondays with Mr Space Cadet. I blame the Top Oriental chinese take-away. I blame the myriad bottles of pear cider I indulge in with ne'er a care to my waistline. Bugger. Time to drag the cross-trainer out of the garage, methinks...

In other news, I've re-ignited my love affair with Wellfield Roads chazza shops. I found this amazing tea dress three days ago for £2. It was floor-length when I bought it, but a quick hem alteration turned it from frumpy to a fab dress to wear with opaques, a leather jacket and a pair of biker boots for added edge.

Múm were great, by the way.
Over and out.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Dead Love

It's been a fair bit of time since we at Le Freak featured an interview on our pages, so we thought it high time to bring another crazy-stylish muso type to the masses. This time, in keeping with our focus on male fashion, we spoke to Paul Marshall, superstar DJ, frontman of Cardiff-based rock troubadours Dead Against the Rest and winner of my coveted 'Most Stylish man I know' award to get the lowdown on how to rock his look.

Whats going on with your two main ventures, Dead Against the Rest and Barflys new electro night Supa Supa?
Alright thanks. The band have been taking a bit of time out because everybody’s going away on holiday, but we’ve started writing some more stuff and putting a more professional set together. We’ve got a hopefully got a couple of big things coming up towards the end of the year, on the 22nd august we’re playing at Maesteg town hall with funeral for a friend and kids in glasshouses – it’s a tribute gig for our guitarists sister who died in the Thailand plane crash. It’s sold out now, but it should be a really good gig. We’re playing hard rock hell as well at the end of the year, with the New York Dolls, which I’m well happy about. There are loads of old metal bands like WASP and Queensreich too. Supa Supas going alright, it’s pretty up and down but it’s quiet at the moment, so most things in Barfly have pretty much shut down until September when the students come back. We’re going to restart it then with a nice new repertoire, some new tunes! We’re trying to find some way of having it on a weekend, as it would suit it better to have it on a Saturday rather than a Wednesday when everyone’s got work in the morning – even though Hammertime is still busy, who knows why! But yeah, we’re going to go into serious advertising mode in august, so you’ll see it around town!

Who are your ultimate style influences?

It depends what mood I’m in when I wake up really. I think predominantly it’s always someone like Bowie, he’s a massive style icon for me because of the diversity in styles he’s had since he started all the way through his career ‘til now. I think he’s worn some ridiculous clothes, and even though I’ve worn some ridiculous clothes I wouldn’t wear some of it! You’ve got all the classics like Bowie and Mick Jagger and people like that. For a while Noel Fielding was really big on my agenda but then after seeing them live last year it just destroyed my idea of him, he’s just become too cool now. Its like he’s gone so far up his own arse…but that’s another story for another day. I think a lot of my style stems from when I was a mod, and there’s a bit of glam rock in there, with a bit of whatever I feel like! Bit of punk DIY in there as well, lets not forget that.

You're quite into customising your own clothes. Care to tell us a bit about that?
I was going to start my own customised t shirt range. im going to call my label Dead Love, I thought that was pretty cool. I’ve done a few already because whenever I wear my own designs out people keep asking me where I got them from. Its just spray-painting t-shirts really, they only last for one or two washes but I think that’s even better really, its even more punk. They’re real one-offs then, after you’ve worn it a couple of times and washed it then its done. It’s all about the design really. I’ve got things like old military jackets that I’ve pinned together – rather than chuck them out because they’re ripped, I’ll just pin them back together so they look a bit more punky. And with shoes, I’ll take a pair in a boring colour then spray paint them whatever colour I want.

How do you decide what to wear on a night out?
An outfit always starts with the shoes. I work my way up from the shoes. It depends what the occasion is though – if it’s a mid week gig ill probably wear trainers but then it’ll depend on what colour trainers I want to wear. Pink, probably. But if im DJ-ing, because the music takes up the forefront of it, I like to wear something that makes me stand out a bit – t-shirt, chains and beads, and its always about a nice jacket – a customised coat maybe. But it always comes back to the shoes! A good pair of winklepickers, the pointier the better!

Whats the dillio with your myriad tattoos?
Theres no real meaning behind them, I just really like them. The one on my elbow is a Roy Lichtenstein piece because I really like pop art, I tell everyone the girl on my arm is Amy Winehouse…but its not! I just love the old skool sailor tattoos, nice sleeves, and pin-up girls too. That’s what my tattoos are all based on. It’s normally when I see something that catches my eye and I think ‘hmm, that would make for a good tattoo, where on my body can I put that?!’ See, I never understand why people always feel they have to attach stories to their tattoos. I don’t know any of my friends who have meanings behind theirs beyond ‘yeah, it looks cool!’ I’m just glad they don’t have 24 hour tattoo parlours anymore, because guaranteed id be covered in shit tattoos by now, Skeletor or something like that!

If you could trade wardrobes with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Bowie, easily. Maybe not so much now, but 70’s era bowie was amazing, but I think im a bit too fat to fit into his wardrobe! Maybe Jagger, Keith Richards too, but that’s getting a bit greedy then isn’t it?

Do you have any items in your wardrobe that hold particular sentimental value?
Well, hmm! I’ll have to think about that one. I’ve got so many clothes I cant think of what I’ve got in there. Ummm, most of my clothes were bought for me by my ex girlfriend, so obviously they’ve got a lot of significance, but I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head. I’m sure there is though, I’m just being dense and I cant think of any!

What significance do you think fashion holds to todays youth?
To be honest I think its all about fashion these days. Everything. I mean, take music, its not even so much about music anymore as it is about fashion. Clubs are about fashion, in terms of which clubs people hang out at, and I’s not so much about whether you’ll enjoy the music, its more about whether the right people with the right haircut and clothes are there. It’s a bit sad in a way. It’s important to dress well, and to dress how you want, but everything seems to be based on how a person looks these days, style over substance, and that’s coming from me who dresses ridiculously! Because I’m a lot older than other people and I’ve seen a lot of changes in the way society is, you can tell people do take a lot more care and time over their appearance, where as back in our day it would be a charity shop pair of trousers, band t-shirt, out you go! But that’s Britpop for you…

What are your favourite places to shop?
Ebay is the best place to shop. Especially when you come home drunk and you think ‘I have to have one of these!’ and then you look it up and its there! Ebay and charity shops, definitely, because I don’t like to buy a lot of things from Topshop, as you can guarantee you buy a t-shirt from there, go out on a Saturday night and see a million other people wearing that t-shirt. Unless of course you customise it yourself. It’s so much better if you go out and search for something, because that way you can come across a gem in a charity shop.

What are your biggest fashion mistakes?

God, ive got loads. A white polo baseball hat maybe. Shell suits in the 80’s. Cut off denim jeans…but that was Monday. I also went through a phase in my early 20’s of just wearing designer clothes and buying for the name rather than the way they look, and some of the stuff was shite! A lot of people think that if it’s got a name on it then its really good, but no, its just rubbish. Everyone take heed – it’s not about the make, its about the way you look!

Finally, what are your three golden style rules?

Good shoes, good coat, good hair!

Win and Fail

Cage skirts - win. I'm in the process of acquiring one.

Cage shoes - epic fail. Seriously, don't go there. Unless of course you actively enjoy looking like Julia Roberts' hooker mate in Pretty Woman.