Monday, 17 August 2009

Style Update: All That Glitters...


These have been my buzz-words for the past week or so. I've taken the gamine look I've been obssessed with one step further to borderline androgyny.
As soon as I caught a glimpse of the Diane Von Furstenburg sequined blazer, I knew I had to get one. As the original was slightly out of my price range, I scoured the high street to no avail. Until saturday, when I found this beauty in Dorothy Perkins, of all places, and a snip at £70.

People, I am actually in love with this jacket. No hyperbole. If possible, I would make love to it.
After I purchased The Almighty Blazer (as it shall now be known), I realised it would be a purrrfect opportunity to debut my new acid wash jeggings - the ones that make me feel a bit like a glam-rock Jason Donovan.
For the Múm gig at the Reardon Smith Lecture Hall earlier this evening, I paired TAB with aforementioned jeggings, a simple striped vest top and bad-ass gogo boots, as welll as my trademark bow and best ever Camden find, as seen below...

In celebration of TAB, I also found a matching black sequined bikini for a mere £8, perfect for my upcoming trip to Ibiza. God bless end-of-season sales. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go on the ultimate bikini body diet pre-hols, as otherwise there's a real danger of Greenpeace being called to a beached whale disaster as soon as I hit the sand. I blame too many Takeaway Mondays with Mr Space Cadet. I blame the Top Oriental chinese take-away. I blame the myriad bottles of pear cider I indulge in with ne'er a care to my waistline. Bugger. Time to drag the cross-trainer out of the garage, methinks...

In other news, I've re-ignited my love affair with Wellfield Roads chazza shops. I found this amazing tea dress three days ago for £2. It was floor-length when I bought it, but a quick hem alteration turned it from frumpy to a fab dress to wear with opaques, a leather jacket and a pair of biker boots for added edge.

Múm were great, by the way.
Over and out.

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