Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Lace Trilby
Black dentelle lace trilby. Narrow brim. Black grosgrain ribbon runs around the crown with a bow at one side. Are you turned on yet?
I would have passionate relations with this pretty little trilby from Maison Michel.
My wardrobe in general.

I have so many clothes that I don't wear and yet I keep buying more. Wasting money on more clothes when theres people (inappropriately) running around the streets naked just makes me one badass sinner.

Designer Labels
Why spend over £500 for a dress when you can get exactly the same design without the label for a fraction of the price? It's all about the bargains, baby. It's simple maths, the less you spend on one items, the more you can buy. Goody!

Pyjama Time!
Hell, if you're going to lounge, lounge in style. I'm far from the perfect example of this as my PJs either consist of my scatty underwear or a pair of leggings and a 118 vest. I've never pretended to be anything but style icon... ahem...
One person who does lounge in style though, is Dita Von Teese. "Sweat pants chafe me both physically and mentally", she said, so she hangs around the house in vintage slips and silk vintage dressing gowns. Probably with a full face of make up and flawless hair. Bitch.

THESE ARE NOT NICE SHOES! I would rather eat my own toe than wear these monstrosities on my feet. They make me so mad, I'd like to feed these shoes to a real Crocodile, enduce vomiting, get the remainder of these ugly objects, urinate on them and then send them back to the factory.

I'd be here forever getting photos for all of it, so I'll just list them instead: Scarlett Johannson in the Louis Vuitton adverts in the pretty floral underwear, The outfit that Florence & The Machine was wearing on Friday at Reading Festival, Brigette Bardot back the the day, Twiggy's outfits back in the 60s, the beaded gowns in 'Titanic', The costumes in series 6 of SATC when Carrie is in Paris....I can keep going....

Knowing that I can make £35 by selling my old clothes and jewellery to friends.
It's not taking advantage, I swear! It'll go towards buying me new clothes so that I can get rid of some more of my old clothes. It's the circle of life, my friends.
by SpaceCadet Zoe

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