Thursday, 6 August 2009

I Think I'm Turning Japanese.

I still remember the fateful day that I first tried sushi. I was with my mother, we were taking the giant leap together to try this fishy delight. As I swallowed the Californian roll, I was almost sick. This was not a love that was easily forged.
However, in the experimental phase that I was going through at the time, I decided to give it another go, and from that day on, I was hooked like a fish on a rod. From there, my obsession grew to include Miso soup and other Japanese culinary wonders.
Now I know what you’re thinking, what the fudgery does this have to do with fashion?! Believe me, I’m getting to my point.
Japanese culture has increased in popularity with the mainstreaming of anime cartoons, studio ghibli and some incredible Japanese films like Old Boy and Battle Royale.

The Japanese have always had such an individual outlook on everything. The entire culture is easily recognised in today’s western society. One thing that a lot of people have taken on is Japanese fashion.
Chanelling this look has been Gwen Stefani as seen here. Shes so obsessed she Japan-ed (yes, thats a new word) her whole perfume range designing it around little dolls. How cute, shame the perfume smelt a bit like baby prostitutes.

Think poker straight hair with choppy layers, knee high socks, bright bold colours and a bucket load of fun and you’re on the right track to Tokyo.

And here's how its done on the Catwalk...on the catwalk yeah, I do my little turn on the catwalk. Sorry, I had a little Right Said Fred moment there.

But I digress, This look is quirky and takes balls, but if you do it right you can look cuter than a wet kitten. My personal favourite is the white dress in the middle...If you'd like to purchase this for me, please feel free :)

Someone pass me the chopsticks please? If you need me, I'll be applying flicks with my eyeliner and straightening my hair.

Space Cadet Zoe

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  1. I adore Japanese Pop culture too, was in tokyo in June this year! Great weekend darling~