Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wallpaper Rose

As we at Le Freak have once again been neglecting our duties to bringing you the best in new fashion icons and designers in favour of manically organising our club night, I thought it about time to introduce a new name onto your sartorial radars. Meet Louise Gibbs, aka WallpaperRose, a jewellery designer based in Newport who makes gorgeously kitsch, avante garde accessories at bargainista prices. Heres what she had to say...

1) Tell me a bit about yourself!

I'm Louise Gibbs, I'm 23, I live in Gloucestershire when I'm not at uni and I'm generally a bit of a geek.
I'm currently just entering my third year at the University of Wales, Newport studying Photographic Art. I've studied art in various forms through school and college, including photography, textiles, fashion and graphics and completed an Art Foundation. I've always been interested in design since I was a kid, I absolutely love going to exhibitions and visual thing in general. I have a bad habit of covering my walls with pictures. My Mum actually makes jewellery as a "hobby" for want of a better word, so any techniques I've aquired are from her! No actual training.

2) What gave you the idea to start designing and selling in the first place, and how did you set the ideas into motion?

I only really started making jewellery at the beginning of the summer- with the intent to sell- I was having difficulty finding Summer work and it was something I had wanted to have a go at, so had the time to try. Before actually making my own, I set up a BigCartel website (best way to describe it is like facebook or myspace- you essentially insert the information- thankfully you don't need to know how to create your own website!) for my Mum's jewellery- (my brother's band use Bigcartel to sell their merch- so I knew it was a fairly simple site to use!- this is probably way more information than you need!) and through that experience realised how easy it would be to maintain the website that it would be worth my while setting up my own and seeing if anything sold!

3) Describe your 'collection'.

I would say it's vintage inspired, a bit junkish with a huge appreciation for charms.

4) What influences you when designing new items?

It's generally a combination of what I see in shops- whats currently selling, what I find with regard to charms- and the potential I see as to what I can combine it with and there are a few other online jewellery shops I've come across who create beautiful pieces.
5) Have you experienced any adversity whilst setting up wallpaperrose?

Not so far- I hope not to?!

6) Do you hope to expand the business? If so, how?

Well, I don't really know about expanding currently- as this year is going to be a hard slog Uni wise, but so far I have a website limited to 25 items, this can be expanded to 100- which I would like to do and will probably consider in the not to distant future. I'm hoping to have a stall at Uni and might consider trying to sell at Camden at some point.

7) Who do you think your designs appeal to, and what market are you aiming them at?

I would hope my jewellery appeals to people who appreciate something a little more original- perhaps with a liking for vintage and kitsch. I wouldn't really like to discredit anyone from liking it- but I'm probably aiming at the 17-30 age group.

8) What significance do you think fashion holds to todays youth?

I think it's of great significance- but then has been since the conception of the teenager. It's used to express, promote, accept and challenge. It's something to follow or ignore depending on your view point.

9) And finally, what are your three golden style rules?
-Eyeliner is a must.
-Cowboy boots will go with most things.
-And I hate to be boring, but try before you buy. It's so heart wrenching having to take something pretty back because it just doesn't suit you!

More of Louises amazing designs can be found on www.wallpaperrose.co.uk, get there before the masses do!

Space Cadet Betti x

Win and Fail 4

WIN - Following your own rules. Turning fashion dictums on their head, mixing it up and creating your own look is an ultimate win.

FAIL - Following the pack. Yeah, I get it, you're a fan of someone. But basing your entire look around your idol's persona is a massive fail (see Audrey Army - c'est tragique). Appreciate, don't replicate.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dilemma Vs. Solution- Clothing Mathematics

The Dilemma
You bought all these pretty dresses over summer, you flaunted your legs throughout and developed a lovely hint of tan (if you were lucky).
Now the weather has changed and the winter is looming, you're stuck with a bunch of clothes that you cant wear again until next summer strolls slowly around, Right? Wrong.

The Solution
Take one pretty summer dress. It can be floral or patterned or plain. As long as it still fits you.
I've got tonnes of these that I bought over the summer and left over from last year, and since Im going through a phase of only wearing dresses, skirts and shorts, this gives me the perfect chance to recycle last season. Score. I'm doing my thing for the environment.
+ Opaques or leggings. Both work equally as well. You could be brave and go for statement colour. Plum colours normally look really nice for Autumn, or patterned tights. But if you're a little bit stuck to the classics like me, thick black opaques are the way forward. I found a good pair of 120 denier tights in New Look for £5.
+ a long chunk knit cardigan or butch it up with a Leather biker Jacket. you can find these anywhere and everywhere these days. The mainstream has finally caught up with these wardrobe classics. It's about time too.
+ Shoeboots/Knee High Boots/Brogues whatever you find most comfortable. Oh hell, mix and match your footwear by the day. If you're really cool like me (ahem), then you'll own all of the above footwear anyway. So be adventurous, be daring and lace up.

= One freaking awesome Autumn/Winter collection. And I thought I wasn't that good at maths.

SpaceCadet Zoe

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Le Freak Club

First of all, an apology.
I've been very lax on the whole updating front (again), having been in Ibiza and leaving all the work to poor old Space Cadet Zoe. Who did an excellent job, by the way. Nice one.

Secondly, a bit of a news bulletin about future Le Freak, C'est Chic goings on! I promise I'll do a decent update soon, honest.

#1: LE FREAK CLUB! This is by far and away the most exciting thing coming up on the LFCC schedule. As you may have heard (we've done everything bar climbing onto the highest rooftop in Cardiff and shouting about it to all and sundry), we now have a weekly night at Cardiffs Buffalo Bar, during which we have free rein from the hours of 8pm-3am to do whatever the blazers we want. Which is mostly going to involve hosting an electro special, selling second hand and vintage clothes/accessories at a stall, putting on some amazing bands, playing pass the parcel, watching some kickass burlesque dancers, showcasing some of the best local fashion photography and so much more. I'm convinced the events manager at Buffalo is suffering from temporary insanity. Theres no other reason he would have allowed two wasters/blaggers like us to have our own night if he weren't. But he evidently is, and we do. Booyah. Monday nights starting October 5th - GET INVOLVED! Look for Le Freak Club on facebook for the event.

#2: NEW SHOOT! Thats right, SCZoe and I are in the process of arranging the next LFCC shoot, and what a spectacular its going to be. We've got some amazing shops and independent designers on board, a kickass idea, beautiful models, a professional make-up artist and Ant Vaughan, Cardiffs bestest photographer. Win. Its going to be a far cry from the last shoot, but thats all I'm saying. Also, look out for the vlogs we'll be putting up. We're filming the first one on the day of the shoot, and hope to do more after. Exciting times.

#3: NEW FEATURES! We've got some truly awesome features with independent designers, artists and bands lined up and ready to post, as soon as I get my lazy ass into gear and start sorting out my email inbox. Also, if there are any designers/band members/photographers and artists out there who would like to be featured, don't be shy, give us an email at lefreak-cestchic@hotmail.com :)

Thats all for now, I'll be back later for more fashion musings.
Space Cadet Betti xx

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Style Crush: Princess Margaret

Waspish waists, G&T's, luxuriously bouffant hair, copious amounts of cigarettes and a wild-child attitude. Princess Margaret was an ultimate style icon.
More to come soon....

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Shopaholics Anonymous

"I love buying clothes and accessories," you say "But I never have time to go shopping in town!"

Well turn that frown upside down, I've perused the interweb for some of the cutest online boutiques so you can get original fashion at a fair price. This is no Topshop.com.

First up is Shrinking Violet.


For the best in your Kitsch alternative fashions. Be sure to check out the sale sections. This isn't exactly bargain basement, but they have some cute little aprons that would encourage even me to bake a cupcake or two. Oh and the Donald Duck stuff is more amazing than seeing a nun in a strip club.

Next up; Good friends of Le Freak- Kooki Two Bit


Cardiff based online store specialising in everything and anything. This place is amazing, if you havent already been in the store itself, the website can give you a good taster of encouragement to get your scrawny ass down to Clifton Street. Personal favourite item is the Locket Ring in the Jewellry section. I want.

A popular site for the London Fashion tribes- Rokit

Guys clothes, girls clothes, vintage clothes, CLOTHES. Thats what I like to see. When I get some dollar I will be purchasing this black lace 50's dress and teaming it with a waist belt, opaques, some chunky shoe boots, and a shed load of bling for an edgier look.

The best of the rest:






If you know any websites that you'd like to share with us, give us an email on lefreak-cestchic@hotmail.com

SpaceCadet Zoe

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Le Geek, C'est Chic

See what I did there on the title? Genius, I know.

I'm going to tell you something that I've been told by my mother ever since my brother used to mock me for getting A's; It is cool to be a geek.

This is just as true now as it ever was when I was 10 years old in my own little geek-phase. Just look at the likes of the fashion elite Florence Welch and Fearne Cotton. You can't even browse a magazine in Britain without seeing their faces emblazened on the best dressed lists. There's Kate Nash down there as well, just for arguements' sake. Dallas Green of Alexisonfire fame and Joseph Gordon Levitt in '(500) Days of Summer' for the gents too.

How do I do this trend, Zoe?! I here you ask. Well, its probably the easiest thing in the world.
Layers are important, think cardigans over shirts, Pullovers and smart jackets. Ladies may need knee high socks to team with their mini skirts and pretty dresses and EVERYONE in the whole wide world should invest in some Clear Lens glasses. I found this pair in Topshop for £15, but they can be found cheaper elsewhere.
So, In the altered words of Missy Elliott. Go, Get your Geek On.
SpaceCadet Zoe

Friday, 11 September 2009

Magic Moments - I Haunt Wizards talk to Le Freak!

It's been a while since we at Le Freak have done an interview, partially because we've been running around like leprechauns on speed trying to sort out both our new weekly night at Buffalo (more to come on this, folks) and also the new Le Freak shoot. Its also a bit because we can't be bothered, but anyhow...
This week, we introduce the quirkily cool I Haunt Wizards, who blend post-ironic synths and beats with cool, disillusioned vocals. It works, and I predict them to be one of 2010's hot picks. For now though, until stardom comes knocking at least, we talk to Helen about her style do's and don'ts...

1) Hey, hows things and whats going down with the band?
Not bad thank you, finalising an album and rerecording all our old demos so its taking a long time! Coming up were recording a video for our first single of the album Along Came Polly, and after that who knows!!

2) How would you descibe your style?
A blend of eighties pop and modern day electro.....we call it Magical DX Glitch Pop

3) In terms of style, who and what are your influences?
Twiggy back in the day was my favourtie!

4) If you could changes wardrobes with one person, who would it be?
Kate Moss, just to be nossy!

5) Where are your favourite places to shop?
Mainly shops in the lanes in brighton as most of the shops arn't the usual highstreet so you can always create something individual that someone else wont have.

6) What items in your wardrbe hold particular sentimental value to you?
My white heels, wore them to play one of IHW first gigs a while back.

7) What significance do you think fashion hoolds to todays youth?
Everything...music and fashion are all most teens worry about,i know its what i do! Its there way of expression, fitting in and feeling confident.

8) What were your biggest fashion mistakes?
Chunky Skate shoes with skinny jeans.......bad move

9) And finally, your three fashion rules?!
Less Is More!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Style Crush

Rose DeWitt Bukater- Titanic

Costumes designed by Deborah L. Scott
It was a typical Wednesday night, I was tired and slightly hungover flicking through the T.V channels to find something of interest. Beginning to feel frustrated by my freeview, I spied with my little eyes a film that I have loved for more than half my existence. Titanic.

James Cameron's depiction of the events of Titanic gripped the nation back in 1997, but for me, the most gripping part was the costumes (and Leonardo DiCaprio's pretty face).
Realistically, this isn't the sort of stuff that you could wear out on a regular basis, but some of the elegance in the costumes can be applied to a less O.T.T outfit. Think lace layering, Corseting, sheer fabrics, Embroidery and glamour.

SpaceCadet Zoe

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Rule #1

Don't try too hard to look "Individual" or you'll end up looking like you got dressed in the dark by an autistic child with no hands and a vendetta against you.

Example: The Dolly Rockers.
In theory they should have it right, I approve of little dresses with chunky boots, high waisted skirts and killer heels, big hair...
In practise, however, they look like a bunch of try hard prostitutes. They offend my eyes and after hearing their monstrous song 'Goldigger', the offend my ears too.
SpaceCadet Zoe

Kaya Scodelario Style Crush Part 1

Monday, 7 September 2009

Look Up If You Love Me

Hannah Murrays Marc Jacobs ensemble for Lulu Magazine. Practically perfect in every way.

The Lust List

Below are my top eight most coveted items of Autumn/Winter 2009

Irregular Choice Cat Boots - £99.99. At this price I'll probably only be able to afford them when I start collecting my pension and applying for a bus pass. Until now, I'm just going to stare at them, open mouthed, through the Schuh window.

Yumi faux fur jacket - £89. 100% amazing, and timeless to boot. I'd wear it with postbox red lipstick, the skinniest black jeans and skyscraper lace-up shoots.

Minnie Mouse Ears - on eBay from £1.50 . Partially inspired by Louis Vuittons catwalk bunny ears, and also by Zui Suicide's cute as a kitten in a sock headgear on Paris Hiltons BFF. I may have to make a pair myself for added kitsch factor.

Jumper - £85, Marcus Lupfer for Topshop. This is a proper 80's throwback, which reminds me of something that Whitney from that tacky teen-fiction novel New Faces would have worn. This + stonewash jeggings + cherry-red ankle boots = massive win.

Alexander McQueen embossed patent leather brogue boots - too much to even contemplate. New Look are doing a similar (but nowhere near as hot) pair for £70. Hmm...Quilted Patent Leather Bag - Marc Jacobs. I literally love everything about this bag. This season, as you've probably guessed, I'm escewing my signature girly style for something with a bit more edge. This bag epitomises everything I'm crushing on this winter.

Uma Thurmans hair and Audrey Kitchings make-up - priceless. Ok, while hair and make-up aren't items per se, they're still top of my wishlist this month. I've been wanting to swap my signature black, pink and double-layered hair for something more classic for a while now, and Uma's graduated bob and short fringe is most definitely what I'll be asking Holly at Vidal Sassoon for next time I got in for a chop. As for Audreys make-up, well, what can I say? She looks like a cross between Cheryl Cole and a candy cane, and I mean that in the best possible way. I think its time for me to raid the Mac stand in Boots again.

Shredded ribbed tights - from £1 in Primark - reminiscent of the beginning of the 70's punk movement, and more recently of Effy from the third series of Skins. What an eclectic comparison...

I'm in dire need of a fairy godmother right now.

Win and Fail 3

Win - Gold skirts - brocade is best. This beauty is from DKNY, but I gots me one for a mere £15 on ASOS.

Fail - Gold jackets. This offender is the reason the world is wrong. Mr Space Cadet got it right when he said it looked like the coat of a disco priest, a bit like Father Ted's get-up in the My Lovely Horse video, as seen below.


Thursday, 3 September 2009


Project Mayhem - SUCCESS!
Our debut Le Freak, C'est Chic gig/jumble sale took place on August 25th at Cardiff's 10 Feet Tall, and what a night it turned out to be! Expect details of our next event very soon!
SCB xxx