Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wallpaper Rose

As we at Le Freak have once again been neglecting our duties to bringing you the best in new fashion icons and designers in favour of manically organising our club night, I thought it about time to introduce a new name onto your sartorial radars. Meet Louise Gibbs, aka WallpaperRose, a jewellery designer based in Newport who makes gorgeously kitsch, avante garde accessories at bargainista prices. Heres what she had to say...

1) Tell me a bit about yourself!

I'm Louise Gibbs, I'm 23, I live in Gloucestershire when I'm not at uni and I'm generally a bit of a geek.
I'm currently just entering my third year at the University of Wales, Newport studying Photographic Art. I've studied art in various forms through school and college, including photography, textiles, fashion and graphics and completed an Art Foundation. I've always been interested in design since I was a kid, I absolutely love going to exhibitions and visual thing in general. I have a bad habit of covering my walls with pictures. My Mum actually makes jewellery as a "hobby" for want of a better word, so any techniques I've aquired are from her! No actual training.

2) What gave you the idea to start designing and selling in the first place, and how did you set the ideas into motion?

I only really started making jewellery at the beginning of the summer- with the intent to sell- I was having difficulty finding Summer work and it was something I had wanted to have a go at, so had the time to try. Before actually making my own, I set up a BigCartel website (best way to describe it is like facebook or myspace- you essentially insert the information- thankfully you don't need to know how to create your own website!) for my Mum's jewellery- (my brother's band use Bigcartel to sell their merch- so I knew it was a fairly simple site to use!- this is probably way more information than you need!) and through that experience realised how easy it would be to maintain the website that it would be worth my while setting up my own and seeing if anything sold!

3) Describe your 'collection'.

I would say it's vintage inspired, a bit junkish with a huge appreciation for charms.

4) What influences you when designing new items?

It's generally a combination of what I see in shops- whats currently selling, what I find with regard to charms- and the potential I see as to what I can combine it with and there are a few other online jewellery shops I've come across who create beautiful pieces.
5) Have you experienced any adversity whilst setting up wallpaperrose?

Not so far- I hope not to?!

6) Do you hope to expand the business? If so, how?

Well, I don't really know about expanding currently- as this year is going to be a hard slog Uni wise, but so far I have a website limited to 25 items, this can be expanded to 100- which I would like to do and will probably consider in the not to distant future. I'm hoping to have a stall at Uni and might consider trying to sell at Camden at some point.

7) Who do you think your designs appeal to, and what market are you aiming them at?

I would hope my jewellery appeals to people who appreciate something a little more original- perhaps with a liking for vintage and kitsch. I wouldn't really like to discredit anyone from liking it- but I'm probably aiming at the 17-30 age group.

8) What significance do you think fashion holds to todays youth?

I think it's of great significance- but then has been since the conception of the teenager. It's used to express, promote, accept and challenge. It's something to follow or ignore depending on your view point.

9) And finally, what are your three golden style rules?
-Eyeliner is a must.
-Cowboy boots will go with most things.
-And I hate to be boring, but try before you buy. It's so heart wrenching having to take something pretty back because it just doesn't suit you!

More of Louises amazing designs can be found on www.wallpaperrose.co.uk, get there before the masses do!

Space Cadet Betti x

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  1. Hey guys

    Thank you so much for the lovely review/ interview! I don't know if you're interested, but if you're free I'm selling the jewellery at Newport Uni on Monday 5th October. If you fancy it, please come along x