Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dilemma Vs. Solution- Clothing Mathematics

The Dilemma
You bought all these pretty dresses over summer, you flaunted your legs throughout and developed a lovely hint of tan (if you were lucky).
Now the weather has changed and the winter is looming, you're stuck with a bunch of clothes that you cant wear again until next summer strolls slowly around, Right? Wrong.

The Solution
Take one pretty summer dress. It can be floral or patterned or plain. As long as it still fits you.
I've got tonnes of these that I bought over the summer and left over from last year, and since Im going through a phase of only wearing dresses, skirts and shorts, this gives me the perfect chance to recycle last season. Score. I'm doing my thing for the environment.
+ Opaques or leggings. Both work equally as well. You could be brave and go for statement colour. Plum colours normally look really nice for Autumn, or patterned tights. But if you're a little bit stuck to the classics like me, thick black opaques are the way forward. I found a good pair of 120 denier tights in New Look for £5.
+ a long chunk knit cardigan or butch it up with a Leather biker Jacket. you can find these anywhere and everywhere these days. The mainstream has finally caught up with these wardrobe classics. It's about time too.
+ Shoeboots/Knee High Boots/Brogues whatever you find most comfortable. Oh hell, mix and match your footwear by the day. If you're really cool like me (ahem), then you'll own all of the above footwear anyway. So be adventurous, be daring and lace up.

= One freaking awesome Autumn/Winter collection. And I thought I wasn't that good at maths.

SpaceCadet Zoe

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  1. i love wearing all my summer dresses with big chunky tights and boots in the winter; makes me resist the urge to wear a sleeping bag the whole time ;)