Thursday, 24 September 2009

Le Freak Club

First of all, an apology.
I've been very lax on the whole updating front (again), having been in Ibiza and leaving all the work to poor old Space Cadet Zoe. Who did an excellent job, by the way. Nice one.

Secondly, a bit of a news bulletin about future Le Freak, C'est Chic goings on! I promise I'll do a decent update soon, honest.

#1: LE FREAK CLUB! This is by far and away the most exciting thing coming up on the LFCC schedule. As you may have heard (we've done everything bar climbing onto the highest rooftop in Cardiff and shouting about it to all and sundry), we now have a weekly night at Cardiffs Buffalo Bar, during which we have free rein from the hours of 8pm-3am to do whatever the blazers we want. Which is mostly going to involve hosting an electro special, selling second hand and vintage clothes/accessories at a stall, putting on some amazing bands, playing pass the parcel, watching some kickass burlesque dancers, showcasing some of the best local fashion photography and so much more. I'm convinced the events manager at Buffalo is suffering from temporary insanity. Theres no other reason he would have allowed two wasters/blaggers like us to have our own night if he weren't. But he evidently is, and we do. Booyah. Monday nights starting October 5th - GET INVOLVED! Look for Le Freak Club on facebook for the event.

#2: NEW SHOOT! Thats right, SCZoe and I are in the process of arranging the next LFCC shoot, and what a spectacular its going to be. We've got some amazing shops and independent designers on board, a kickass idea, beautiful models, a professional make-up artist and Ant Vaughan, Cardiffs bestest photographer. Win. Its going to be a far cry from the last shoot, but thats all I'm saying. Also, look out for the vlogs we'll be putting up. We're filming the first one on the day of the shoot, and hope to do more after. Exciting times.

#3: NEW FEATURES! We've got some truly awesome features with independent designers, artists and bands lined up and ready to post, as soon as I get my lazy ass into gear and start sorting out my email inbox. Also, if there are any designers/band members/photographers and artists out there who would like to be featured, don't be shy, give us an email at :)

Thats all for now, I'll be back later for more fashion musings.
Space Cadet Betti xx

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