Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Shopaholics Anonymous

"I love buying clothes and accessories," you say "But I never have time to go shopping in town!"

Well turn that frown upside down, I've perused the interweb for some of the cutest online boutiques so you can get original fashion at a fair price. This is no

First up is Shrinking Violet.

For the best in your Kitsch alternative fashions. Be sure to check out the sale sections. This isn't exactly bargain basement, but they have some cute little aprons that would encourage even me to bake a cupcake or two. Oh and the Donald Duck stuff is more amazing than seeing a nun in a strip club.

Next up; Good friends of Le Freak- Kooki Two Bit

Cardiff based online store specialising in everything and anything. This place is amazing, if you havent already been in the store itself, the website can give you a good taster of encouragement to get your scrawny ass down to Clifton Street. Personal favourite item is the Locket Ring in the Jewellry section. I want.

A popular site for the London Fashion tribes- Rokit
Guys clothes, girls clothes, vintage clothes, CLOTHES. Thats what I like to see. When I get some dollar I will be purchasing this black lace 50's dress and teaming it with a waist belt, opaques, some chunky shoe boots, and a shed load of bling for an edgier look.

The best of the rest:

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