Thursday, 10 September 2009

Style Crush

Rose DeWitt Bukater- Titanic

Costumes designed by Deborah L. Scott
It was a typical Wednesday night, I was tired and slightly hungover flicking through the T.V channels to find something of interest. Beginning to feel frustrated by my freeview, I spied with my little eyes a film that I have loved for more than half my existence. Titanic.

James Cameron's depiction of the events of Titanic gripped the nation back in 1997, but for me, the most gripping part was the costumes (and Leonardo DiCaprio's pretty face).
Realistically, this isn't the sort of stuff that you could wear out on a regular basis, but some of the elegance in the costumes can be applied to a less O.T.T outfit. Think lace layering, Corseting, sheer fabrics, Embroidery and glamour.

SpaceCadet Zoe

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  1. ooh my god, titanic is the best hangover movie ever! kinda weepy, youve already heard the story a million times so you dont really have to think, and kate winslet's wardrobe is total eye candy (sorry leo, but you really dont do it for me like you did when i was ten years old)