Friday, 11 September 2009

Magic Moments - I Haunt Wizards talk to Le Freak!

It's been a while since we at Le Freak have done an interview, partially because we've been running around like leprechauns on speed trying to sort out both our new weekly night at Buffalo (more to come on this, folks) and also the new Le Freak shoot. Its also a bit because we can't be bothered, but anyhow...
This week, we introduce the quirkily cool I Haunt Wizards, who blend post-ironic synths and beats with cool, disillusioned vocals. It works, and I predict them to be one of 2010's hot picks. For now though, until stardom comes knocking at least, we talk to Helen about her style do's and don'ts...

1) Hey, hows things and whats going down with the band?
Not bad thank you, finalising an album and rerecording all our old demos so its taking a long time! Coming up were recording a video for our first single of the album Along Came Polly, and after that who knows!!

2) How would you descibe your style?
A blend of eighties pop and modern day electro.....we call it Magical DX Glitch Pop

3) In terms of style, who and what are your influences?
Twiggy back in the day was my favourtie!

4) If you could changes wardrobes with one person, who would it be?
Kate Moss, just to be nossy!

5) Where are your favourite places to shop?
Mainly shops in the lanes in brighton as most of the shops arn't the usual highstreet so you can always create something individual that someone else wont have.

6) What items in your wardrbe hold particular sentimental value to you?
My white heels, wore them to play one of IHW first gigs a while back.

7) What significance do you think fashion hoolds to todays youth? and fashion are all most teens worry about,i know its what i do! Its there way of expression, fitting in and feeling confident.

8) What were your biggest fashion mistakes?
Chunky Skate shoes with skinny jeans.......bad move

9) And finally, your three fashion rules?!
Less Is More!

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  1. cool, thanks for following my silly little blog ;)

    killer interview; magical DX glitch pop is the most beautiful genre iv ever heard of ;)