Thursday, 27 August 2009


I'm quite literally piddling myself with excitement after checking out the new range of peachy 70's and 80's dresses on my favourite vintage shopping site, Candy Says. I've been having a bit of a whimsical, Cecilia Lisbon moment and as such these pastelly beauts have had me manically checking my bank balance only to find that no, I can't afford even one of these dresses, let alone the four of them. Overindulgence of sequinned goods (*coughTHEALMIGHTYBLAZERcough*) is mostly to blame there...but I digress. My favourite has to be the cape-sleeved 70's party dress that makes me think of a fashion-forward Princess Leia, which would look outstanding with a pair of calf-length gladiators and a dishevelled, Diana Vickers-esque ponytail. As soon as I get my next paycheck that £40 is running straight out of my bank account and into the pocket of Miss Candy.

I'm also lusting over these insanely brilliant Henry Holland tights after reading a Style Bubble post about them. Not only do they come ready packed in a coffee cup (stroke of genius in my opinion), but they are also available in a variety of colours from classic black and white - my personal pick - to lilac and powder blue. I want.

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