Friday, 21 August 2009

The Bare Necessities

I've been doing a little thinking recently (a dangerous past-time, I know.)

One of the things I was thinking about is Style in general. What makes someones style unique? How is my personal style definable?

So he we go, I've raided my own wardrobe and found the best things to sum me up.
Essential Number One:
A pretty floral dress.
I used to be self confessed tom-boy after spending all my years up to the age of 11 wearing nothing but the pretty girly dresses my mother forced upon me. But y'know what, Mum, You're a genius, because after rebelling in my jeans, Ive realised that nothing will make me feel girlier or prettier than a floral dress.
Suitable for all shapes, sizes and seasons, this really is an instant classic wardrobe item to posess.
This one was purchased in May from New Look for £25 and amongst the other floral dresses in my wardrobe, I've pretty much lived in them the last few months.

Essential Number Two:
Fudging Awesome Footwear.
I'm a typical girl in this area, I own alot of heels that kill my feet but look amazing. I think this may be how the term "Killer Heels" was coined. I do tend to stay in flats the majority of the time, but when I do wear heels, I want them to be freaking immense.
The black heeled brogues stopped my from eating properly for a day because I spent the last of my money on them. They're also from New Look and a steal at £20.
The red pair feel like having vices on my feet, but theyre so damn stunning it brings another kind of tear to my eyes. I think I paid about £10 for these from a cheapy Cardiff shoe shop.
I used to work in SCHUH. I had discount to make me salvate. On my last ever shift, I used my last ever discount to buy the Black and White Irregular Choice shoes you see before you. I havent regretted it for one second. I love these shoes more than I love tea, and thats saying something.

Essential Number Three:
A classic pair of straight leg jeans.
For me they give the same effect as skinny jeans, but if you've got a larger posterior than would be suitable for the purposefully named "Skinny" jeans, then the straight leg is the more flattering cut for you.
I wear these half to death. Peruse Topshop for the best ones, just like I did. When it comes to jeans, the fit is really important, don't be afraid to go one size higher just to avoid that overhang (or is it just me that gets it?)
The better things fit, the skinnier you look anyway. Clothing sizes are just labels, no-one cares what size you buy as long as it looks good.
Essential Number Four:
The long length Cardigan.
I've got one in almost every colour. Oh look at me, I'm revolutionary with my style of jeans and a long cardi. How original.
But seriously, my casual wardrobe would be useless without them. The jeans and cardi rule also applies to guys.
The grey one you see before you was about £10 from H&M last year.

Essential Number Five:
The High Waisted Skirt.
Flattering? Yes.
Easy to wear? Yes
Smart & Casual? Hell Yes.,
You can't go wrong. I've got a nice collection going on. From A-Line, to Pencil, to Mini. Choose the cut that flatters you, or just go nuts and buy them all on a whim like I did. Hobo's do some nice patterned ones.
So the chances are, if you see me on the street, I'll be wearing at least one of these items. Or I may just be running around naked, as is the style at a nudist colony.
Spacecadet Zoe

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