Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Barbie Girl

Makeup tutorial #2 - doll-faced.

The aim is to look like a cross between Twiggy and a porcelain doll. Read on to find out how to achieve this look in four easy steps...

Step 1: Base. Use a very small amount of concealer under your eyes, around your nose and on any blemishes. Then, mix a light foundation such as Maybelline Dream Mousse with a tiny amount of your usual moisturiser and apply a thin layer all over your face. The addition of moisturiser allows for a smooth, sheer finish, just like plastic!
Then use some translucent pressed powder all over your face to set the foundation.

Step 2: Cheeks! Sweep a light pink blusher (I always go for Rimmel as they have the prettiest shades) over your cheekbones, then pay particular attention to the apples of your cheeks. Big pink circles aren't what you're going for here, but a healthy flush is, so don't be too sparing. Next step - get hold of some highlighter. I find the pen applicators work best- Eyeko do a fantastic one fr just £3.99. Dot it along the top line of your cheekbones, then blend in until you get the desired highlighted effect. Again, you don't need to be too subtle here, as a nice shimmer only enhances the doll-like appearance.

Step 3: Eyes! Firstly, add a dab of highlighter onto your eyelids and blend well. Then use a small amount of translucent pink eyeshadow - Barry M do a great loose powder shadow in baby pink - and dust it lightly over your eyelids.
Grab a sharpened black kohl pencil, and heavily line the top and bottom inner lash lines. Clear up any slips, the eyeliner needs to look crisp and well applied. Next, apply a 2mm line of kohl onto your top lash line, leaving a 1/2cm space before the corner of your eye, and making a tiny flick at the end. Use a cotton bud to soften but NOT smudge the liner, then reapply another layer is neccessary.
Next, use a lengthening mascara on your top and bottom lashes (I find Collection 2000's lengthening mascara does the trick here), then use a mascara that builds up length and volume, such as Rimmels Glam'Eyes. Instead of just sweeping the brush upwards, try to move it horizontally across your eyelashes to get a slightly clumpier effect. Wait for the mascara to fully dry, then apply a coat or two more, depending on how dramatic you want your eyes to look. I usually go for the more is more approach, as when done correctly, the dollface makeup can make your eyes look stunning.
Finally, use a white kohl pencil on the inner corners of your eyes to highlight and brighten.

Step 4: Lips! Brush your lips with an old toothbrush to get rid of any dead skin and to increase the bloodflow, making lips redder. Then use a dab of nude or dusky pink lipstick as a stain, and rub in to the colour is subtle yet still noticeable. Then, use a long-lasting lipgloss - Rimmel Shock Gloss is my personal favourite - to make your lips look like PVC

...and now you look like plastic! Go forth and enjoy.

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