Monday, 15 June 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever...

The hotter than hells mouth weather in Cardiff is prevailing, so today my thoughts were less on fashion, more on how to keep cool without being carted off in a paddywagon for indecent exposure.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm always wired for costume over comfort. Still, I decided to keep it minimal today, opting for this cute-as-a-kitten-in-a-sock sundress that I found in a little boutique in Cardiff called @Fab. Its got a darling Cath Kidston-esque print with a magenta waistband and buttons, and I swear the uber-flattering 50's high-school sweetheart cut is capable of giving anyone who wears it the figure and proportions of Cheryl Cole. No lie, its magic, and was ridiculously cheap, putting me only £25 out of pocket.

Teamed with an oversized pearl and ribbon necklace from one of Camden Stable Markets myriad stalls, plus a pair of cream loafers from H&M, it was the perfect ensemble for an afternoon of strawberry picking with Father Dearest =) Bliss

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