Thursday, 29 October 2009

I've Got Wood

I know I cant be the only one lusting after the designs of Brighton based artist Zara Wood.

I stumbled across her designs a while ago when I saw her "Two for Joy" magpie print on Google Images (I'm a self confessed google addict and I don't care) and I knew that anyone who shared a love for magpies like I do needed to be checked out further. Then, after more time Googling, I found out that she had a line of designs with Topshop. Now, I know that Topshop can be the devil when it comes to both the prices, and the sheer amount of poser idiots that tend to shop there, but Woody's designs are colourful, fun and wearable. The collection can be dressed up, or down, but would undoubtably look best with a good pair of skinny jeans, some shoe boots and a worn leather jacket for warmth. Its winter now, dontcha know.

I just feel like I've been a bit selfish, it's taken me this long to share the good word with you fine peoples, silly me. In hindsight, it could be a good thing, because I discovered her amazing jewellery collection in the meantime too.

Words can't describe how gutted I was when I discovered that this Little Owl Locket was no longer available. And the Bunny Bow Tie Brooch below is just fairytale amazing. I adore them, and I will be wearing one of her jewellery designs before the year is up, finance permitting ofcourse.
For more info on Zara Wood and to peruse her collections yourself, visit

SpaceCadet Zoe


  1. those designs are soo cute!! i dont care if i cant buy food for the next month, i need that jumper ;)

    and everyone loves google!! if they dont... they have no soul


  2. those are sooo cute :)
    I love this post!!