Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Win and Fail 5

WIN - Faux fur gilets. The one above is £54.99 at H&M. Now, I'm guessing a few of you are sceptical of the win factor that the FFG possesses. Perfectly natural - I was too. Until I tried one on as a joke, that is. (Isn't it funny how many times those items you pick up 'as a laugh' often turn out to be the new most-worn thing in your wardrobe?) While not exactly versatile, these boho beauties look great teamed with a long-sleeved poloneck or chiffon shirt, fishnets and knee high boots. A word of warning, though. Try to seek out sleeker, more streamlined styles, or risk looking more caveman than chic.

FAIL - Of course, if you are under the (mistaken) impression that caveman chic is all the rage, you can think again. These boots are a solid reminder of everything that is wrong with the fashion industry at the moment. Don't go there, people. Uggs are like cold-weather crocs, functional, yes, but so very, very ugly, and wrong on every level.

1 comment:

  1. ahah uggs are a crime against humanity. the creator has a lot to answer for!

    and that gilet looks so snuggly, like an acceptable way to wear a duvet to school ;)