Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Winter Warmers

It's that time of year again! The leaves are golden and crisp, providing a crunchy carpet to shuffle through on these chilly autumn days. The skies are grey and heavy with rain, but here in Cardiff we've been fortunate enough to see hardly a drop. Halloween is on its way, Christmas too. It's my favourite time of year as although everything around us is dying, the air seems fraught with anticipation! To put it simply, I love winter!

So I thought I'd dedicate a blog to the hottest trends of this season, and provide a brief overview of the pro's and cons of each one. Here we goesss...

Sequins - The bane of my boyfriend (he actually feels physically ill when he has to look at my sequinned blazer) and a trend that has been carried over from summer. Sequins are the forte of drag queens and fashionista's alike. For wallflowers who don't think they can pull off this seasons spangly trend with aplomb, best to opt for accessories with a bit of sparkle - such as the sequinned beret above. Those who enjoy throwing caution to the winds and full-on embracing any even remotely outlandish fad that comes their way, good on you! Bag one of River Islands gold sequinned tuxedo jackets, scour Primark and vintage boutiques for head-to-toe sequin-encrusted dresses and sparkle your way through to Christmas!
Pro's - Bang on trend, and versatile too. Go for chic and classy in black or bold and brash in electric blues, reds and golds.
Cons - Wear with caution. Just one foot wrong and you could end up looking like a cross between a bad drag queen and a Christmas tree.

Vampire Chic - It was a major feature on London Fashion Weeks catwalks, with designers from Gaultier to Jacobs falling over themselves to get in on the action. Films and TV shows such as Twilight and True Blood have set a decidedly gothic theme this season, and as a result the glossies and the high street are going to be chock full of lace dresses, victoriana and blood red lips from now until the January sales roll around. For the faint of heart, try a ruffled Victorian style blouse with your standard jeans and boots. If you want to go all out, however, almost anything goes. Try a body-con black lace dress with fetish heels and smoky, vampy make-up. Just remember that this seasons Vampire is about sleek, standout silhouettes and dangerously sexy details. Save the fake blood and white face powder for Halloween.
Pro's - Worked correctly, vampire chic can turn even the plainest Jane into a femme fatale.
Cons - Worked incorrectly, vampire chic can make you look like an act from your local pubs Halloween celebrations, or worse, like a dick. Leave the fake fangs at home.

Oversized Slouchiness - A favourite trend of mine. Nothing says 'winters arrived' like a chunky-knit, knee length cardigan, thick knee high socks and a long, bulky scarf. Oversized has been a recurring look for the past couple of winters, and shows no sign of dying out now. The high street has myriad jumpers, cardigans, sweater dresses and scarves all ready for your consideration, but for a truly original look, try knitting your own and adding some quirky details such as a corsage or some cute buttons. Better still, beg yr nan to do it - she'll probably be happy for a project to fill the time between drinking cups of tea from Royal Albert china and watching Countdown whilst polishing her collection of ceramic figurines. Personally, I'll be digging out the cardigans my mammy knitted me last year during a failed attempt to give up smoking, and jazzing them up with some pearls and ribbons.
Pro's - Oversized slouchy layering is so very now, gloriously flattering and cosy to boot.
Cons - There is the chance of looking like Bridget Jones, in the scene of the movie where her and Mark Darcy find themselves wearing those hideously unattractive home-made Xmas jumpers. Bad times.

So there you have it! My pick of this winters hottest fashions, laid bare for you to scrutinise. Take your pick of the bunch, mix it up, and most importantly, have fun! I'll be back later in the week (providing I can fit some time in between Swn Fest and my new enviable job at Benefit Cosmetics) to update and bring new fashion gems to you all!

Much love, Space Cadet Betti xxx

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  1. ahah love this! i agree, all those trends are great in the right proportions and why is it that boyfriends are very wary of sequins?! must be a guy thing...

    my god youre so lucky! i loooooove benefit! you lucky thing ;)