Monday, 13 July 2009

Arcade Eden

Arcade Eden, a girl/boy electro duo who rival the likes of Crystal Castles and You Love Her Cos She's Dead, and who by their own admission sound like 'Santa, in Disneyland, on prozac, getting laid', let us into their mashed-up world of synths, sentiments and shiny things!

1) Hello there. Hows things, and whats been going on in the world of your music?

Things are pretty busy at the moment, we've been writing and recording alot of music as we're in the process of releasing our first album. We've also been lucky enough to play a few festivals this year which has been great.

2) What are your plans in terms of yr music for the next few months?

We're in the last stages of finishing our album, for which we'll be releasing our first single. We'll also be playing the mainstage of Rob Da Bank's Bestival which we're super excited about.

3)How would you describe your style?

We're a bit of retro inspired disco electro pop. We've always been really into vintage gaming so we always try to combine that influence into our music. We're into alot of music and hopefully this comes through in our music.

4) In terms of fashion, who and what are your influences?

We have quite a different style.
Larry: I take more influence from people like Clint Eastwood, Calvin Harris and Death From Above 1979 in more laid back retro inspired look.

Clare: I'm really into vintage. I get alot of inspiration from 1970's and 80's films and TV, i'm especially into the futurism style inspired by films like Space Odyssey. People from Farrah Fawcett to Karen O and Lady Gaga.

5) If you could trade wardrobes with one person, who would it be and why?

Larry: As mentioned before, it would probably be someone like Clint Eastwood in his classic years. The checker shirts, skinny jeans and a bit of leather! ...I'd leave the hats though :P

Clare: I really admire La Roux at the moment and the way she has developed her style. I've always adored 80s shoulder pads, metallics and wild make-up.

6)Where are your favourite places to shop?

Larry: I like alot of the mainstream shops like Topman but I also like a good dig around Brighton. I've found some great stuff there.

Clare: I like to root around vintage and charity shops...I like clothes with history and one-offs. I also do alot of my own customizing - I'm pretty handy with a needleand thread! I generally like to combine vintage with high street when I'm putting something together.

7)What items in your wardbrobe hold particular sentimental value to you?

Larry: I found this really great shirt in a shop called Dirty Harry's - it's a black western style shirt with these amazing embroidered roses on each shoulder. I save it for special occasions. I've never seen another one like it.

Clare: It's really hard because I have a few things I'm really attached to. But I guess one of the most sentimental would be a ring given to me by my grandma when she died which has been passed through the family for generations. It's really beautiful so I'm normally too scared to wear it out!

8) What significance do you think fashion holds to todays youth?

Fashion has always, and will continue to be vital to youth, as well as to music. It's about wearing clothes that give you confidence, and most of all having fun with it!

9)What are your biggest ever fashion mistakes?!

Larry: I once had the baggiest pair of bright purple jeans. They used to literally turn heads when I walked down the street, in a bad way!

Clare: Arh I once had a massive pair of knee high boots with metal all down the sides. They were really awful. They also used to weigh a ton...a big chunky mistake.

10)What are your three golden style rules?

Larry: 1. If its tight clothing, ALWAYS try it on before you buy it. There's nothing worse than getting home and struggling to get into your jeans. 2. If you've seen 5 people wearing it on the way to the shop, you probably shouldn't buy it. 3. Cowboys will always be cool :P

Clare: 1. Experiment, even if it goes's all fun =) 2. Layers layers layers! Practical and a great way to mix it up... also a great help for unpredictable festival weather. 3. If it don't ain't mine! :P

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