Friday, 3 July 2009

Pink Elephants and Lemonade

Hello all,
Today was the day of the BIGASS FASHION SHOOT OF DOOM (DUHDUHDUHHH). Surprisingly, given my terrifically chaotic 'plans' and my propensity for leaving things til the very last minute it went very well. The models looked gorgeous, the clothes (for the most part) were perfect and our two photographers Anthony and Elliot were stars. Props to all involved =)
The pictures will be up ASAP, however, between now, then, and when I can be bothered to post the hilarious Duloks interview, I'll leave you with this...

I was reading over this blog (I think I may be the only one who does...) and realised that there are a lot of articles, but not very much about myself, which is kind of the point of an online journal (thich this is, of sorts). So I decided to shine a little light to all my readers, well, the two of you, on my own personal retarded take on fashion, and whats in my closet. Fun times.

Just to get things straight. I do not, and never will 'follow fashion' religiously. It's no fun. And thats what my wardrobe is all about. FUN. With capslock on and bold print too. Since my formative days as a teenage renegade with panda-eye make-up and flares bigger than Jesus' following I've never really given two or even one shits about what people think about what I'm wearing. "If I like it and you don't, fuck you" has been my credos since I can remember. I have precious few fashion rules that I follow: leggings should always be worn with a booty-skimming top or dress, all-black outfits rarely work unless you are a) Robert Smith or b) going to a fancy dress party as one of the members of Kraftwerk, and polka dots must be avoided at all costs (unless you honestly want to look like you spend your life shopping from the Next Directory). Apart from the aforementioned, anything goes, but my wardrobe is mainly made up of the following...

Fun Shoes
I'm one of those people who will neglect to buy basics in favour of any gaudy, brash prints and designs that leap out and catch my eye. My shoe collection is no different. The way I see it, you can be well and truly down in the dumps, but if you stick on a killer pair of hot pink and tartan heels and some mad-cool glittery tights you've got no option other than to man the fuck up and stick a massive smile on your face. Fun shoes rule, Hush Puppies suck. Period.
Statement T-shirts
Whether they're obscure band prints, retina-melting day-glo prints or raggedy home-made pieces of crap, my crazy-diverse collection of t-shirts never fails to light up my day. Simple things, I know...
Charity Shop Tat
I live for it, srsly. Chazza shops allow you to dress individually, stylishly, and on the cheap. My obscenely stylish friend RhianFORCE picked up this denim jacket for me from Barnados the other day for a fiver. Bloody fantastic, I'm sure you'll agree.
Day dresses
I'm not much of a fan of jeans anymore, I find them somewhat restrictive and quite depressing when I find I can no longer do the top button up after indulging in one too many Mars Bars. So my staple outfit is a cute minidress, opaques and kitten heel boots.
Easy as jeans to chuck on and twice as stylish, in my opinion.

Kitsch Accessories
The odder, the better. Owls, russian dolls, teapots and bold jewelry all feature heavily in my dress sense. The heart shaped glasses were a fiver at Camden Market 2 years ago. I was devastated when I found out you can now buy them at Primark for £1.

Since I was 12, no outfit of mine has been complete without a button badge, usually a piece of band merch or one of the many randomly generated ones from the sadly now defunct vintage boutique Drop Dead Budgie.

This Friday also saw Mr Space Cadet take me for a nice meal at Gio's in cardiff. If you haven't already been, go. If the promise of smarmy waiters calling you Senora and shit Italian synth music isn't tempting enough, they also have a dish called Mafia Pesto, which is just wicked.
I decided to channel my inner Jason Donovan and wear my brand spanking new old denim jacket. Some people may say they're in danger of becoming passe all too soon. I say 'fuck you'. They add instant eighties koool to any outfit. Put with a cute white lace babydoll, hot pink and purple tartan heels, cats eyes sunglasses and of course, my trusty pocket watch, I believe I was onto a winner. Whatcha think?

Well, it's a sunday night and I'm off for cups of tea, PJ and Duncan and late night movies with Mr S.C. The only style I'm going to be thinking about is whether to wear my pink slippers or blue ones. Thankyou and goodnight.

© Copyright Betti Hunter 2009

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