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Kickass band the Duloks get freaky and answer some questions...

1) Hello there. Hows things, and whats been going on in the world of The Duloks?

Rah Dulok - Well Mar's been on vacation in Canada for a couple weeks, and Abi and I have been apart so NOT MUCH!!In Mar's absence though DULOKS BADGES have been delivered to Mar which I am pretty excited about and I've got some foetal song idea's for our 2nd lp which I can't wait to sing at them both when we are reunited!!!
Mar Dulok: Yeah world of the Duloks is slow right now. It's been 30degrees or more in London and the heat wears us out! We're gearing upfor a 10 day German tour in August... and a little self promotion hereI've been making a new podcast here: - you canhear old Duloks podcasts there too! Oh and RIGHT now I'm about to flyto Sicily to visit a boy :)

2) What are the bands plans for the next few months?

Rah Dulok - Writing new songs, personal development, practising songs,cupcakes and alfalfa sprouts, recording songs, looking at the RedRacer (the Duloks-mobile) and sighing, playing shows around, going toGERMANY then going to BESTIVAL!

3)How would you describe your style, as individuals and as a band?

Rah Dulok - As a band, I would describe us as bold colored retrosporty chicas! As an individual I'd describe my style as a mix betweenAudrey Hepburn, PJ Harvey and Dale Carnegie. I like to dress wacky forthe fun. That does me no favours...!
Mar Dulok: As the band definitely fun, colourful and fancy dressinspired. I was talking about style and "my style" yesterday with myflatmate and I have pretty much been wearing relatively the same styleof clothes ALL my life. You see the Dulok's shorts? I've been wearingthose since 1982 ! Apparently I had a couple pairs when I was like 1or 2 and I wore them til i was 5. My mom says they got REALLY smallbut I kept wearing them. I'm very simple in my style...mostly jeans,stripes, plimsoles, converse, hoodies & t-shirts but I'm wearing a LOTmore dresses now too. I'm branching out slowly...give me another 10years and maybe I'll wear a gown.

4) In terms of fashion, who and what are your influences?

Rah Dulok - It's hard to say who my influences are because I don'tknow that much about fashion! I always watch people around me and I'llnotice they've done something quirky with their make up or clothes andI pick it up and try it on me! Working for a VERY female company hashelped me so much in expressing my girlier style! I feel liberated!
Mar Dulok: North American indie kids I guess... cos that's pretty muchhow I dress. I don't have any specific influences but I spend a gooddeal of my time watching bands so people in bands are probably mybiggest influence or other people at shows.

5) If you could trade wardrobes with one person, who would it be and why?

Rah Dulok - It would probably be my friend Laetitia who writes theMademoiselle Robot blog ('s afashion blogger and friend that Mar Dulok introduced me to and she isso chic!! She has an adorable outfit for EVERY occasion. I'm prettysure that she would cry tears of dismay if she had to have MY wardrobetho which is very limited! She just recently set up a stylist servicetoo, called Mademoiselle Style -check it out!
Mar Dulok: This is hard... I'm really picky... but I'm gonna say Beckyfrom You Say Party! We Say Die! Cos she has pretty good style. Ialways love what she wears on stage.

6)Where are your favourite places to shop?

Rah Dulok - I love - I love it SO MUCH! It's so easy forme to shop there and pretty reasonable cost too! I also love theboutiques in Kingly Court off Carnaby Street...Traffic People is oneof my faves, the bold colors they go with totally turn me on!! Ireligiously buy all my underwear from Marks & Spencers. This was atradition set in place by my mother and my daughter will do the same!
Mar Dulok: Canadian thrift stores like Value Village or the's a LOT of work to search out good stuff but when you dofind something good it's with you for a life time. In Britain I don'treally like the charity shops cos they're too small and over pricedand don't have enough stuff. I basically just shop the normal placesTop Shop, Primark, Uniqlo, Bricklane, Beyond Retro... H&M can be okbut there stuff is only for TALL people. I notice that with Primarktoo... more clothes need to be made for short girls like me. There's aLOT of us in the world.

7)What items in your wardbrobes hold particular sentimental value to you?

Rah Dulok - My mum gave me the dress she wore after the weddingceremony to go off on honeymoon and I love love LOVED it - I wore itto death and I miss it now!! :( The other thing I have is my Star Trek: TNG uniform that I wore loads when I was young but should havereally known better. I used to love Wil Wheaton you see, and he FINALLY emailed me last year 2008. So I will never ever get rid of theuniform. Le sigh.
Mar Dulok: Expo 86 t-shirts... I have a few and I collect them. I wentto Expo 86 when I was 5 and it changed Vancouver forever. It was apretty big deal plus it has the BEST logo ever. Such good pop art. Ihave an old sock which was from a pair of socks I borrowed from aboyfriend once when I stayed at his house. I kept the socks and worethem out so I kept the one sock even though it has a hole in it andit's my ipod holder / protector. Pretty dorky... but he's still one ofmy best friends and one of my favourite boys in the world.

8) What significance do you think fashion holds to todays youth?

Rah Dulok - I think this generation have access to cheap fashion -places like Primark make it possible to follow fashion week by weekwith pocket money - it's scary how quickly fashions change SO FASTnow!! Its funny how the goth / emo stereotype prevails for moody teenagers tho!
Mar Dulok: Yeah everything is a hell of a lot more accessible. When Iwas a teen there was one store downtown (in Vancouver) you could get a studded belt and it was $30 and that was a LOT of money in 1995. I had to save up to it. Now you can go to Primark or any high street storeand get knock off punk stuff for £2. It seems a lot less work now to look a certain way. You could change your style daily. The other difference is we've entered a generation ofhipsters...people who look cool but don't do anything! When I wasyoung if someone had dyed hair or converse shoes they were in a band,had a zine, put on shows, were an artist, etc... now stockbrokerswhere converse shoes. The world has changed... and with photo blogsits all about appearance and having the best pout at the coolestparty. Doesn't mean you actually contributed in any werethere and were scene and that's what's important these days. Weird !

9)What are your biggest ever fashion mistakes?!

Rah Dulok
- Probably wearing the Star Trek uniform in public....
Mar Dulok: I had a dog collar. I had blue spiked hair! I wore abaseball hat everyday when I was 13 along with oversized men'st-shirts and hippy shorts. I even had one of those little roundembroided hippy hats! Hahaha.... I can laugh now.

10)What are your three golden style rules?

Rah Dulok - 1. Personalise it! Add your own unique twist of motif! Mine include unicorns, stars and octopiis. They cheer me up!2. Dress to impress at makes a difference I promise! It alsomakes you feel good when you turn in to the office all glossy andgussied up!3. Look after your feet..! If you destroy your feet in heels of anevening give them a lovely foot soak and pamper the next day..they'regoing to carry you around for a long time!
Mar Dulok: This is like our song Safety Over Fashion... which came outof a conversation I was having about how dumb people are for fashion.Definitely get rid of heels on drunk girls...they are a danger tothemselves and others. Heels in general make yr feet weirdly formedand ugly if you wear them too much. I have baby feet...soft and noweird bits cos I wear trainers. Wear the right SIZE. If yr skinny wear fitted clothes, if yr fat wearless fitted clothes. It's pretty simple. Every boyfriend I've ever hadwears baggy trousers at the beginning of our relationship and by theend they are in nice fitted jeans. They haven't lost any weight I'vejust convinced them to buy clothes that fit properly! My most important rule is wear something in your comfort zone. Youwill pull it off better, look more confident etc wearing something youfeel good about. Don't try too hard.
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