Thursday, 16 July 2009

Style Byte: Audrey Kitching

Don't get me wrong, my general opinion of the whole Scene Queen phenomenon is that it is an abhorrent mess of anorexic attention seekers all aspiring to be nothing more than Madina Lake groupies. But I can't help but admire Audrey Kitching, who by all accounts is the original Scene Queen, and the one who inspired the millions of half-assed wannabe's such as Kiki Kannibal, Dakota Rose etc, not to mention Lady Gaga. Why do I admire Audrey over these other oxygen wasters? Simple. Audrey has talent. Not only has she forged a look that is completely her own (part 90's club-kid outrageousness, part New York socialite, part hardcore rock groupie, with a little bit of burlesque and a smidgen of irony thrown into the mix), but she's also designed her own range for American chain store Hot Topic, presents on Buzznet and creates funny inspiring videos that are a joy to watch. Plus she looks great, and I have a total style crush on her at the moment. She may be the total antithesis of the whole gamine thing I'm embracing right now, but her kitsch, colourful wardrobe and stylized hair and make-up in those oh-so-scene posed photos just make me smile, mmkay?

The Real Audrey...
The Real Audrey... by spacecadetbetti on

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  1. she's beautiful, I love her

  2. Well, the "scene" has been around for years, and she definitely did not start it.