Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Jump Up! Battant get freaky and answer some qu's

A few of you may remember my Top 10 style icons piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Those of you who actually read it will remember that I featured the uber stylish Chloe Raunet from London synth-led trio Battant, whom I saw play a killer set in Glasgows Sub Club. Well, I thought that it was only fitting that Battant have a feature to themselves, since I have developed a massive, massive band crush on them. The band answer my now staple questions about their takes on style du jour, and whats new in Battantville...

1) Hello there. Hows things, and whats been going on in the world of Battant?
Chloe: Things are good thanks. Our album has only just been released in the UK. We're doing a bit of touring here, getting ready for a larger tour this autumn and beginning to work on the next album.
Joel: Looking forward to going to St Tropez and sitting on a beach.

2) What are your plans in terms of yr music for the next few months?
J: Learn as many instruments as possible and try and write an album with my new found musical talents.

3)How would you describe your style?
CR: Musically? Raw, lean, unhinged, analogue pop. Fashion? I dunno… boyish?
J: A Larry Clark street rat.
Tim: Starving artisan chic

4) In terms of fashion, who and what are your influences?
CR: My father, circa 1952.
T: 1920’s French factory workers, beatniks, squat party ravers

5) If you could trade wardrobes with one person, who would it be and why?
CR: I don't think I'd wanna swap wardrobes. I quite like what's in mine and the thought of wearing someone else's knickers grosses me out.
J: Nice... Henry VII. Just to know what that would feel like.
T: Probably a young Gene Vincent or Eddie Cochran – if I could pull it off

6)Where are your favourite places to shop?
CR: I got a secret vintage spot in Paris – this lady who’s not open to the public but has the most amazing collection of pre-1960’s dead stock.
T: Second hand shops and markets.
J: Army surplus stores. Places that sell clothes that fit me. I'm quite small. Shopping can be a bit of a headache.

7)What items in your wardrobe hold particular sentimental value to you?

T: My LEVIS replica 1940’s air force jacket. I have had it years, it’s falling apart but I love it. Or my Churches brougues.
CR: An Edwardian leather utility bag I received from my lover last X-Mas, weird silk faux-bomber I bought visiting my sister in Taiwan, my gramma'sCowachan sweater
J: Anything that's been given to me by a friend.

8) What significance do you think fashion holds to todays youth?

CR: Same significance it's held for the past 6 decades. Superficial identity.
J: Ha. Invention, Re-invention and a lot of cliche.
T: Pretty much the same thing since the invention of the teenager – who you are, what you’re into.

9)What are your biggest ever fashion mistakes?!
CR: I've had my fair share of ropey haircuts but hold no regrets.
T: There could be a long list… the big dyed black glam hair was a low point.
J: I dyed my hair a bad colour. Then it went plum. That was pretty bad. Then i had to shave my hair off. That wasn't so bad...

10)What are your three golden style rules?
T: Pull up your trousers, wear proper shoes, no stretch denim
CR: 1) wear polka-dots with caution 2) have matching socks 3) make sure your shoe-laces aren't too long.
J: 1) Dungarees are fine. 2) If your mum likes it wear it. 3) Buy loads of accessories.

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