Thursday, 30 July 2009


Le Freak, C'est chic teamed up with Kooki Two Bit to bring you a feature celebrating British eccentricity, tea parties, lace hold-ups and pretty pretty dresses.
(Just click on the images to see the full sizes!)

Ello wears: Floral and lace crop-top - Kooki Two Bit, high waisted trousers - her own, boots - New Look.

Lala wears: teapot print playsuit - Kooki Two Bit, hat - charity shop, shoes - Primark, pocket watch - vintage.

Space Cadet Zoe wears: Cardigan - Camden Market, hair bow - Claire's Accessories, pearls - vintage, hold-ups and heels - Primark.

Rhian Force wears: Lace dress - Kooki Two Bit, fascinator - Julian McDonald for Debenhams.

Ello wears: Lace dress - @Fab, bowler hat - vintage, necklace and earrings - Primark, brogues - New Look.

Lala wears: Blue vintage prom dress - Kooki Two Bit, Marie Antoinette shoes - Kooki Two Bit, bracelets - her own.Space Cadet Zoe wears: Blue blouse - Kooki Two Bit, black high-waisted skirt - Hobo's, hold ups and heels - Primark, assorted jewellery - vintage.
Rhian Force wears: Pink dress and belt - Kooki Two Bit, floral brooch (just seen) - Night of the Living Thread (featured previously on the Eva Tomassi blog!), brogues - New Look, hairband - Primark.

Major thanks to Anthony Vaughan and Elliott Percival for their photographic skillz, Ello, Lala, SCZoe and Rhian Force for looking beautiful, Pica pica for lending us the venue and Kooki Two Bit for trusting us with their lovely clothes!

© Space Cadet Betti 2009. All photo's © ADVaughan photography.

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  1. Loving the photos! I'm gonna put them on my facebook etc too if thats ok! :)

    hana xxx