Monday, 20 July 2009


An epidemic which I quite enjoy being part of. However, like the creator of this blog, Miss Spacecadet Betti, I try to avoid the fashions that come under the heading of Pandemic.
This means that instead of following trends religiously and obsessing over labels and prices, I wear whatever the hell I feel like wearing when I wake up in the morning.

This week I've been feeling very Old, Old Fashioned and I've gone back a century or so to celebrate modern Victoriana Gothic. It all started when I saw this ring for £4 in a major high street retail outlet named after a bird. Because I didn't have anything else gold as I’m a notorious fan of the silver, obviously I had to get the earrings and the necklace to match. Before I knew it I was draped in Pearls, Cameos and antique look gold. In true Blue Peter style, here’s one I made earlier (a collage example anyway).

So you’ve got the Classic Bling, you’ve slicked on the eyeliner and smoked your eye shadow more than a bacon rasher. What next? You may ask. Well I’ll tell you, more ruddy accessories.

Now I admit that I may look a little odd dressed in black in the should-be-sunny month of July. But the weather was crap and my outfits reflected the mourning of the summer. That's my excuse anyway.
One bonus of this look is that you get to work monochrome to the max. Even if you are replacing white with a more faded cream to give it a bit more authenticity. It also looks epic with more nude and peachy tones.
The main key, to sum it up, is contrast. teaming floaty fabrics and light airy colours...with BLACK. Black all the way, baby. Lace, detailing and chiffon are all a big fat giant must to make Queen Victoria proud.

The hair can be worn sleek, with twists and knots held in place with pretty grips if the hair is long enough. This will accentuate any other hair piece that you wear. Especially if you’re feeling brave and you want to don a funeral classic fascinator, giant bows or a mini hat on a hair band (I saw one and wanted it, but wasn’t sure if I had the balls to pull it off without looking like I was in fancy dress.) I think the key is to be brave with the style, but keep to the easier to wear colours so they can suit all occasions and outfits.

The look as a whole is demonstrated perfectly in another sneak peak of our Mad Hatters Tea party Photo shoot modelled by the lovely Rhian (far left).

Black? Check. White/Cream? Check. Lace? Check. Headpiece? Double check. It’s been brought up to date with modern lines and simple statement clothing. On the whole, this really works and if done properly, you won’t look like you’ve modelled your look on the bastard offspring of Ozzy Osbourne and Jane Austen.

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