Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Coco Loco

Whilst writing this article, I can’t help but mope. Its not because Im unhappy with life, its because Im unhappy with my financial situation. And writing about this subject is not going to help since I could never afford any of the things listed. Bah!

I was flicking through the typical gossip magazines, and realised something fantastic. The film based on the life of the legendary Coco Chanel is out soon. I’ve been anticipating this film since it was first rumoured. Not only because I’ve had a womanly love for Audrey Tautou since ‘Amelié’, but because Chanel’s fashions have been integral to everything stylish for freaking decades. And for that reason, I await the clothes-fest with anticipation.

Now I know that everyone and their Nan’s are going to be writing pieces on Chanel. But sod it, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Instead of gabbing on and on about the life and times of Coco Chanel, I’ve just chosen enough pictures to fill a wheelbarrow of my favourite Chanel inspired pieces, including some stills from the up and coming film.

Nautical Naughtiness? Yes Please.
It’s a pain free easy look to pull off at any shape or size. All you need are stripes, navy/black, white and red. And lets face it, everyone has something like this in their wardrobe already. All you have to do is jazz it up a little with big glasses, the possibility of a hat and a fat-ass quilted bag. Oh yeah baby.
I know I harp on about it all the time, but black can be the essence of practical elegance!!! And it makes you look posh an’ shit init. If you chuck it with some pearls, bruv.

Dress like a man, don’t look like one. Mix waistcoats, shirts and tailoring with pencil skirts, waist belts and bows. it’s the best way to power dress without looking like you’re trying to join Bros. (although that would be fun).
Quilted detail, monochrome, tweed box jackets, Audrey Hepburn round sunglasses, Cameos, Pearls, leather gloves….Oh god, I think I just wet myself a little…..

Coco Before Chanel is released on July 31st. I urge you to come and see it. Join in the masses of drooling.
SpaceCadet Zoe.

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