Monday, 20 July 2009

In which I meet my Nemesis...

It's been another busy busy weekend as Space Cadet towers, hence the lack of updates once again. I'm not just lazy, honest!
It's mainly down to the fact that I've got a new job in a pretty little cafe that serves afternoon tea with Royal Albert china and fondant fancies, in addition to the job I already have at Pica Pica, Cardiffs premier cocktail bar and nuthouse. Lovely =)
It's also because I went to the amazing Alton Towers on Sunday. God, it was a blast. Air was definitely the highlight - the hype is right, it really does feel like you're flying. Nemesis was tamer than I expected, and Hex was a pile of bollocks. Srsly, don't bother.
I mention all this because I thought it fitting to do a little filler blog on the do's and don'ts of what exactly to wear to a theme park. Y'see, I'm ashamed to admit that I got it terribly, terribly wrong, and as such ended up getting the four hour coach back to sunny Cardiff absolutely soaked, more than a little grumpy and looking like Stig of the Dump. So here we go...

Do...bring a change of clothes
This is by far and away the most important point, even if you're expecting sub-Saharan conditions (don't forget that you're more than likely to come off the log flume looking like a drowned rat). Sods law dictates that the day you plan to go to your theme park of choice is the day that will see the heaviest rainfall since records began. I made the mistake of taking and wearing the bare minimum of clothes and consequently ended up looking like I'd fallen into one of the feature fountains. The best way to go about it is to pack a plastic carrier bag with a fresh pair of socks or tights, a warm hoodie, and a pair of shorts - simple but effective. If possible store the bag in one of the lockers just to make sure it keeps dry, if not tie a knot in the bag to make sure it's absolutely watertight and carry it with you. I cannot stress this enough - TAKE A CHANGE OF CLOTHES. It will make the journey home a zillion times more bearable, trust me.

Don't...wear jeans.
Everyone knows theres nothing worse than being stuck in a pair of post-torrential-downpour skinny jeans. Wet denim is possibly the most uncomfortable thing you can wear and takes hours to dry off, so it's a definite theme park no-no. Your best bet would be a pair of tights - easy dry for when you're walking around the park after a ride on Congo River Rapids, easy off when you're getting in the car on the way home.

Do...choose lightweight.
Heavy clothes will just weigh you down if/when they get wet. Wear a load of lightweight layers to ensure you a) look stylish (layering is still chic - just ask Mary Kate) and b) can whip them off as and when you need to, and then stuff them in your bag without looking like you're off on a camping holiday. A cute anorak is a good idea - no, not one of those awful hiking ones your dad picks up in the Millets sale. I'm thinking more along the lines of a sweet little number like the one below...

Don't...wear jewellery.
You're going on rollercoasters, not on the London Fashion Week catwalk. Yes, you may feel your outfit is slightly lacking in pizazz but trust me, you'll regret it when your favourite necklace is whipped off whilst going round the loop the loop, which is what happened to Space Cadet Zoe when she went on Speed (the ride, not the drug) last time she went to Oakwood. Unless you want to potentially cause a fatality, leave the jewellery at home.

Do...spend a little time on a nice up-do.
Picture the've spent an hour ironing your hair poker straight. You look fantastic, right? Until you get whipped around a triple corkscrew in the pouring rain, leaving you with matted strands of hair in your eyes and stuck to your Benefit lipgloss. Not a good look, I'm sure you'll agree. A neat and preppy ponytail, girly french braids, whatever. You'll still look killer, and you'll be able to retain your dignity throughout the day too. Bonus.

Don't...try too hard.
By all means, don't throw style to the winds and head off in a pair of scraggy joggers and your boyfriends oldest tshirt. But save your favourite dress for a night out, and stick to uncomplicated basics. A cute oversized t-shirt, long leggings, daps and a cardigan will work just fine. For instance, at Alton Towers I saw a woman in a faux-fur leopard print jacket, Balmain jeans and skyscraper heels. It was pissing down with rain and she was clutching onto her boyfriends arm for dear life for fear of falling over, mascara halfway down her face and foundation stains on her collar. Hot stuff. Do yourself a favour - keep it simple, or else risk looking like Barbara Windsor caught in the middle of Hurricane Katrina.

With these simple tips in mind, happy holidays!

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  1. Hey! There's nout wrong with my oldest t-shirt I'll have you know!